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About Us

At SS GREENS, we specialize in supplying a nutritious range of Indian food products, including Traditional Jaggery powder. Our sourcing directly involves farmers and their associations, ensuring a safe, hygienic processing environment. We cater to various regions in India and international markets, providing wholesale and retail supplies, private labeling, and diverse packaging options like stand-up pouches, zip locks, plastic covers, and PP bags.

Our transport network spanning locations such as TRICHY, COIMBATORE, KERALA, MADURAI, enables nationwide delivery in India at competitive costs and top-notch services.

Attached are our product brochures and lab test certificate for your reference. Visit us at for more information on our offerings. Contact us at +91-9789971468  (available on call & WhatsApp) to discuss further or place orders.

Our mission

At SS GREENS, our mission is to preserve the rich heritage of traditional Indian food products, with a focus on supplying high-quality Jaggery and other nutritional offerings. We are committed to fostering direct relationships with farmers and their associations, ensuring ethical sourcing and processing in a hygienic environment. Our goal is to deliver health-conscious consumers across India and beyond with wholesome, authentic products while offering diverse packaging solutions and reliable nationwide distribution.

Our Vision

Our vision at SS GREENS is to be the foremost provider of premium-quality Jaggery and Indian food products globally. We aim to continually innovate our sourcing and processing methodologies, leveraging sustainable practices to maintain the natural essence of our offerings. Through expansion and strategic partnerships, we aspire to become synonymous with trust, quality, and nutritional excellence in every household, locally and internationally.